FoodNiche Summit

Written by Ibrahim Okunade

Lately, there has been a rise in the acceptance of cultivated meat. And for good reasons — humans love meat, but the way it is sourced isn’t always the best. In simple terms, the meat we eat comes at too much of a cost to the well-being of the planet. This is why environmentally-conscious consumers are looking to cultivated meat as an alternative.

In the cultivated meat space, Fork & Good has carved a niche for itself, tackling the climate problems that stems from our dependence on animal protein as a source of protein.

Creating a hydroponic system for meat cultivation similar to growing plants in nutrient-rich solutions instead of soil, the founders of Fork & Good have developed a proprietary and novel way to grow more meat with less livestock. The result is the production of cultivated beef and pork that are affordable for everyone.

Fork & Good is Coming to FoodNiche Summit

In furtherance of its mission to bring affordable cultivated meat to every table, the Fork & Good team will be present at the FoodNiche Summit for a meat-tasting session. In an exclusive cultivate meat tasting, summit participants get front row seats to experience the future of sustainable protein firsthand.

Attendees will have the opportunity to sample Fork & Good’s range of cultivated meat. It also allows attendees to rub minds with the geniuses driving the innovative work being done at Fork & Good. The meat-tasting comes hot on the heels of the of the company’s recent meat-tasting event held in Davos. 

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